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As the Affordable Care Act takes full effect, you may come across new health insurance words that you're not familiar with. Here are 5 health care reform terms people are talking about.

Essential Health Benefits

Beginning in 2014, most health insurance plans you can choose from — whether you buy on the health insurance exchange or go directly to the health insurance company of your choice — will include many essential benefits that are meant to make sure basic health concerns are covered. Learn more about essential health benefits.

Grandfathered Health Plan

A health plan that was active or in place when the new health care law was passed into law. A grandfathered plan is exempt from some requirements of the new law. Learn more about grandfathered health plans.

Health Insurance Exchange

The new websites where millions of people will shop for, compare and buy health insurance beginning on October 1, 2013. Also called health insurance marketplaces, these sites will be operated by the federal or state government or a combination of the two. Health insurance plans will be offered at various coverage and price levels. Learn more about the health insurance exchange.

Pre-Existing Condition

A condition, disability or illness that you have been treated for before applying for new health coverage. Learn more about pre-existing conditions.

Premium Tax Credits

To help people better afford health insurance, those eligible will receive premium tax credits to help defray insurance costs. These credits will make it easier for millions of low and middle-class Americans to pay for health insurance. Learn more about qualifying for a premium tax credit.

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