Get An Agent


Looking for Insurance?

Did you know that 90% of prospects research and shop online and less than 10% actually purchase insurance online?  Take a second to ask yourself why, and I suspect the answer has something to do with the fact that insurance is a complex and confusing.

Why should I have an insurance agent?

Insurance agents are there to help as an advisor, like a CPA, to your business or to protect your personal assets.  Outside of the basic benefits such as deductibles, co pays and drug cards not all carriers or policies are created equally.  Partnering with a licensed insurance producer is extremely important.

How do I find someone?

If you are a group or individual looking for a quote please contact our office at (866)531-7800 so that we can take the time to determine what your needs are and get you connected with a qualified producer.  Alternatively, if that philosophy is not a fit then you can are welcome to go to one of those .com's.

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